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Like my fellow LMA members I’ve thoroughly enjoyed contributing to Elite Soccer over the years.

It’s the only place where experienced coaches from within the English game share their best sessions directly with amateur and grassroots coaches throughout the world. No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new. I know you’ll enjoy reading Elite Soccer and I highly recommend it.

– Sir Alex Ferguson, Director, Manchester United

Elite Soccer is a fantastic magazine that helps coaches get the most out of their players. I encourage all my coaches to read it.

– Arsène Wenger, Manager, Arsenal

“As a coach working overseas, it is incredibly helpful to have access to the latest sessions from English League coaches. Elite Soccer arriving by email, means that coaches anywhere in the world can put on Premier League training sessions with their team.”

– Stephen Constantine, Manager, Nea Salamina FC, Cyprus

“I have found my Elite Soccer subscription to be one of the best value purchases I have ever made. The ideas and info are second to none and after putting these into practice I and my team have seen massive player improvement. I took over my team in August last year and we have had the best season in 3 years since the club formed. I believe the sessions in Elite Soccer have contributed massively to our success, and will help us go further next year too!”

– Steven Brennan, Scarborough Athletic Reserves, UK

“I really enjoyed the first issue of Elite Soccer.

I especially liked Brian McDermott’s shot blocking drill as it was easy for the kids to understand quickly and then I could add the progressions in time. It was a great drill because the kids who weren’t being coached had one objective – get shots on target – so it helped keep their attention whilst we coached the kids on defending.”

– Andy Jackson, Publisher, FourFourTwo, Australia

Very well presented and the drills went down really well with the guys in training.

“I think the mix of drills is also good – having a bit of defending, tactics, attacking and fitness in each issue rather than focusing on one issue is much better as over the course of a month you will be looking at all of these areas.”

David Steele, First Lisburn Football Club, Northern Ireland

“I strongly believe it’s important to share coaching knowledge for the good of the game.

Elite Soccer allows aspiring coaches to learn what we do as professional managers to help them improve. I wish I’d had it when I started coaching.”

– Sir Alex Ferguson, Director, Manchester United, UK

“There are a lot of football magazines about but none that present coaching plans from leading professionals in the same way and with the same quality that Elite Soccer does”

David Moyes, Manager, Manchester United

“I look forward to reading Elite Soccer and finding out what other coaches are up to. We spend a huge amount of time working on our sessions. For coaches with fewer resources and smaller support teams, Elite Soccer can help tremendously.”

– Alan Pardew, Manager, Newcastle United

“What I can say about Elite Soccer, is that first impressions are very good. I have used some of the sessions for training, and my players have found the exercises useful and enjoyable. Keep up the good work!”

– Adrian Ballestero, Chelsea SC, Gibraltar

Elite Soccer is a great addition to our club’s tool set to help improve coaching. It goes beyond the mainstream references on soccer coaching that are available and provides a unique dimension for the more experienced coach that is badly absent in the market place.

We really enjoyed the first issue and look forward to the next issues.”

– Bill Michalopulos, Ottawa South United, Canada

Elite Soccer is a fantastic resource giving an easy to understand insight into sessions run by coaches and managers at the highest levels of the game. It’s great to know that even at this level a session can be organised so simply with such useful and positive outcomes.

“The sessions will trigger an idea or something new for your team, and knowing that the top coaches and top players in the world are doing the same thing is satisfying in itself… I fully recommend this new concept and am looking forward to many interesting articles and session ideas.”

– Keith Boanas, Head Coach, Estonia Women’s National Team Manager

Elite Soccer is written by coaches who spend a lot of their week coaching players and it shows.

“Great practical advice in a context of how and when the practices recommended have been implemented. It is always refreshing to find out the sort of work that full-time coaches who earn their living from developing players do with their players – and Elite Soccer does that.

I know of no other magazine which has at its disposal such a wealth of expertise.”

– Robin Russell, UEFA Development Consultant and former Head of FA Learning

Elite Soccer has been a fantastic help to me as a coach. You might think that only the Premier League coaches have all the answers, but the coaches and managers in the lower divisions also provide fantastic coaching sessions”

– Steve Plucknett, Coach, Fremantle United

Elite Soccer has to be one of the best coaching resources available. Access to the current coaching trends at Premier League and League Level is normally something that money can’t buy and I genuinely believe that as a customer I get more than excellent value for money. I would strongly recommend Elite Soccer .”

– Stevie Baxter, Football Development Officer, Angus Council / Scottish FA

“I subscribed to Elite Soccer because I wanted to see the sorts of sessions that coaches and managers in the professional game use in their own training sessions. I have aspirations myself of making it as a coach so I wanted to see the sort of standard I’d need to obtain. I think Elite Soccer provides a fascinating insight into how professionals within the game manage and run their sessions and for that it is invaluable. I love the fact that it covers all senior leagues and I like that the sessions are varied in each issue.”

Chris Gooch, Scout & Coach, West Bromwich Albion Development Centre

“After thirteen years in football coaching, Elite Soccer offered a refreshing change to my tried and tested drills. This benefited myself and my team as players started to enjoy sessions more. I would not hesitate in recommending  Elite Soccer as a coaching advice magazine.”

Anthony Hollamby, Manager, Marden Minors

“As director of coaching for a large club my email box is stuffed with questions from our coaches. Elite Soccer is a great, fast source for ideas I can pass on. I appreciate the size and format of the publication – no fluff, right to the point and valuable information I can take to the training ground.”

Bob Akers, Director of Coaching, Brookside FC

“Last season the team I coach in Cyprus won the U13 championship with a record of 26 victories and no defeats. It was the first time that this has happened. We used many Elite Soccer drills which helped us to play better and create lots of opportunities. I enjoy all of your drills and would like to thank you for providing them.”

– Demetris Miltiadous, Apollon FC Limassol, Cyprus