Shooting and finishing

Shooting and finishing drills and games to help players work on scoring. Whether it's shooting from distance or close range finishing we've got ideas for every aspect of putting the ball in the net.


Team finishing

To put it simply, this is a finishing session, but as it unfolds and progresses it becomes so much more than that. It allows us to devote time to all of the players – practising and repeating specific actions that will be asked of them in a match situation.

We can adjust how we use this session, as not only can it be used to work on specific movements, combinations and relationships within the team, but it can also be used on a more relaxed training day in order to give some more simple training time…


Attacking wing play and shooting

This session is about attacking from three different positions and is something that offers versatility in the final third, which is always essential.


Reactions in the box

Work on improving penalty box anticipation and reactions, for both defensive and offensive players. This is crucially important because every game is decided by penalty box behaviour.

“My session in Elite Soccer will help show you how our way is applied in simple training activities to give you a first idea to develop counter pressing”


5-star Jurgen Klopp
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