Progression and penetration


Attacking the 4-4-2 diamond

The main goal of this session is to prepare a team set up in a 4-4-3 system to beat an opponent playing in a 4-4-2 diamond system, through a specific building up game plan.

After a deep analysis about how teams use a diamond formation to defend in a medium block, the drills have been designed to counteract the strengths and to better attack the weaknesses that this formation has.


Switching play and creating wide overloads

This is a possession session and it’s focused on switching play to create overloads in wide areas. It is designed so that players have to make decisions on when and how to switch play. It also works on the tactical demands on the players to create overloads once the ball comes across the pitch.


Different speeds of attack

This session is about developing the ability to attack at speed with immediate forward passing and forward running, combined with the ability to build controlled attacks against a set defensive structure.


Possession with penetration

This is a training practice that quickly evolves from a simple passing triangle to other activities that coach pressing, receiving, combinations, switches and team movement.


Passing through the lines

This is a training session that incorporates quick combination passing, positional awareness and intelligent decision-making. It’s important to practise this because receiving and passing are core skills, and they are fundamental to the success of every football team.

Preparation is essential, as is practising what we play and how we play. Players must have seen the situation before it occurs – in this instance, that means always looking up before passing and receiving.

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