Diamond shooting game

This is a game that practises shooting by restricting the playing area that players operate in. It requires pure attacking intent from players who must shoot on sight and be positive in everything they do.

By narrowing the area players’ minds are subconsciously focused in on the goal, and we look for them to apply this psychology when playing on a standard area.

This is the ideal practice for offensive players in the day or two before a game, as it fine-tunes attacking mentality and boosts confidence.



44×36 yards


Balls, bibs, discs, goals

Number of Players

10 (5v5)

Session time

4mins per game

What do I get the players to do?

This game is 3v2 in each half in favour of attackers and all players must play one- or two-touch, ensuring they stay in the half they start in. The coach serves the ball in and team mates must combine to shoot at goal (1). If possession is overturned, the other team attacks the opposite goal.


• The ball is fed out from the back and quick interplay allows the striker a route through on goal

There are also four ‘side’ players who operate on the edge of the playing area, one on each side of the goals, between the goalpost and the cone. These players are one-touch and ensure that any shots that narrowly miss the target come back into play straight away (2).


• A defender shoots from his own half and misses the target, but one of the ‘side’ players touches the back for a striker

These one-touch players can also be used to manufacture quick one-twos with attackers (mimicking, in a game, playing up to a target man and receiving a laid off pass) (3).


• In this instance, an intentional one-two is played with the ‘side’ player in order to open up a shooting angle

Shots will typically be taken by those in the attacking half, but can come from defensive players shooting from within their own half.

We play in short four-minute bursts, rotating players at the end of each game.

What are the key things to look out for?

We are looking for players to link up quickly, combining good passing with the willingness to move into and make space. A high tempo must be maintained at all times, as well as players showing a desire to shoot on sight.

A good first touch is essential, and players must communicate well to ensure they stay aware of where team mates and opponents are.

How do I progress the session?

In the progression, for each attacking move we allow one defender to come across into the other half, therefore making a 3v3 situation (4). However, once possession is lost, the defender must ensure he gets back into his half to ensure his team has a 3v2. 


• In the progression, the defender moves into the other half of the pitch to make a 3v3, and in doing so, creates additional attacking options


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