Out of possession

These coaching sessions and drills from coaches including Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp, Roberto Mancini and Roy Hodgson focus on coaching your team when out of possession. Within this moment of the game we look at key principles and sub principles that inform our game model - the extent to which we press or where we form our block, for example. As well as emergency defending, defensive shape, and goalkeeping.


Key attacking and defending concepts in game scenarios

This session was run during the international break and it had as its main target the refreshing of some of our key concepts for dealing with different situations in the game. In this instance, the session was a little bit of a mix between defending and attacking, where we focused on defending deep and on a high press in the final third.


Defensive organisation

This exclusive session from José Mourinho is about defensive organisation, and specifically two points: depth control and double marking. 


Decisive defending

Use this exclusive session to focus on showing the opposition outside from the front, incorporating solid formation play and effective covering of team mates. The emphasis is always on getting the ball to the relative safety of the wing.


Counter-pressing as an offensive weapon

This session is about the creation and application of the counter-pressing moment as an offensive weapon. It looks at recovering possession in the shortest way and time, by creating ‘hectic situations’ in the opposition formation. We want to attack the opponent non-stop when we have the ball, when we lose it and when the opposition have it…


Defensive principles

All basic defending principles can be developed and practised with this session, particularly holding up attacks, pushing up from the back, covering over and getting out quickly to meet the wingers.

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