Discover how to coach pressing direct from world-class coaches like Jurgen Klopp, Mauricio Pochettino, Manuel Pellegrini and Sean Dyche. Their activities and session plans are available here exclusively to Elite Soccer subscribers.


Counter Pressing

This session is focused on our ability to counter-press. This is an essential behaviour in our game model and it is independent of formations. We have some element of counter-pressing in almost everything we do on the pitch.

The reaction and hunger to win the ball immediately after we have lost possession is paramount to our idea of commanding the game. It is the reason that we include it with every element of training. In this manner, no doubt, it becomes a big part of our identity at Leeds United.


Pressing initiation

This session coaches players on understanding defensive pressing. It’s important to practise the key elements to identify how, when and where we can apply pressing technique, and that includes adopting the right shape tactically and togetherness of the group, as well as being able to identify the right moment to closedown.


Counter-pressing as an offensive weapon

This session is about the creation and application of the counter-pressing moment as an offensive weapon. It looks at recovering possession in the shortest way and time, by creating ‘hectic situations’ in the opposition formation. We want to attack the opponent non-stop when we have the ball, when we lose it and when the opposition have it…


Simple pressing as a team

This session teaches players simple tactical understanding for pressing as a team. It’s important to practise this because pressing forces mistakes in opposition build-up play, particularly in sides who like to pass the ball out from the back. That means, in the context of a game, we can gain or change momentum.


Deadly transitions

This session examines how we condition a player technically, tactically, physiologically and psychologically when attacking and defending transitions in a small-sided competition-based game.

It’s important to practise this because it improves our mastering of a scenario that appears regularly in matches…

“I would recommend it to any coach”

5-star Roy Hodgson
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