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The 1v1 situation

by Roberto Martinez in Skills and Techniques

Any football game relies on being able to control 1v1 situations, in defence or in attack. In 1v1s, it’s not just the technical aspect of the play, but the decision as to when to take players on, when to use a simple ball to find a team mate, or when to develop the situation. There is nothing in the game better than a successful 1v1 attacking situation to dislodge any defensive set-up. This session can encourage any individual or any team - at any age or level - to experiment in that aspect of the game, from the basic skill of the 1v1, up to decision-making in a game-related situation. MORE

Penalty box battles

by Dave Jones in Defending

Defending is a skill that needs practice, as much as dribbling or passing. Within that, it’s vital that players win their 1v1 duels, particularly in and around the penalty box. When we look back over matches where the team has emerged victorious, we’ll often find that our defenders have performed the defending principles well. We... MORE

Match specific defending

by Dean Smith in Defending

Use this session to teach players the key points involved in being a solid defensive team – namely patience, and the ability to delay the opposition in order to allow for cover and support from team mates. MORE

Counter-attacking structure

by Kit Symons in Attacking

This is a counter-attacking practice that leads into transitions. The session will start with an unopposed counter, attacking from deep. This will then progress into a 3v2 attacking opportunity and on into a 4v3 with transition to win the ball from deep in order to counter. MORE

Back three tactics

by Antonio Conte in Defending, Formations and Tactics

Give players the opportunity to defend the box as a three, and move the ball forward, either by playing through the midfielders, passing out to the wingbacks, or playing the ball directly to the forwards through the channels either side of the midfield. MORE

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