Defending counter attacks

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Defending around the box

by David Wright in Defending

This session is all about defending in and around the penalty area, whether that is in 1v1 situations, against attacking overloads, or defending crosses. It creates numerous situations where players can practise the skills needed for their positions. It encourages full backs to rehearse 1v1s and defending the back post, while centre backs are able... MORE

Defending against wingers

by Chris Hutchings in Defending

This session is about denying attacking teams opportunities to get in behind the defence by pressing early. It is important to practise this because effective defending in 1v1 situations is vital, particularly for full backs facing skilful wingers. When manager Paul Jewell and I first arrived at Ipswich, our aim was to shore up a... MORE

Defending against counter-attacks

by Ben Garner in Defending

Defending against the counter-attack and reacting quickly to these transitions of play is important. That’s because in the modern era, once teams win possession they are capable of breaking forward at great speed and with real quality. The ability to make the correct countering defensive decisions is a core part of being a successful defender.... MORE

Defending against a 4-2-3-1 formation

by Chris Powell in Defending

This is a session focused on defending against a particular formation. It is aimed at stopping a team that plans to attack in a 4-2-3-1 set-up. When facing a team who have the ability to pass through you or exploit spaces with their running on the ball, being unbalanced in your shape and not closing... MORE

Cutting out counter-attacks

by Keith Hill in Attacking

Analysis at the end of our 2008/09 League Two campaign showed we needed to develop a new collective responsibility to defend against the counter-attack. We knew this would increase our potential to keep clean sheets whilst also ensuring that we had players in good areas of the pitch in order to regain and maintain possession.... MORE

Defensive principles

by Roy Hodgson in Defending

All basic defending principles can be developed and practised with this session, particularly holding up attacks, pushing up from the back, covering over and getting out quickly to meet the wingers. MORE

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