Defending crosses

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Defending crosses

by Gareth Ainsworth in Defending

This session is all about defending against crosses in and around the penalty area. It allows us to work with the players on their defensive positioning, as well as encouraging them to squeeze the pitch and to play out on the transition of possession. As the modern game is becoming more about creativity around the penalty area, defensively we need to counter this with good positional sense, effective communication and players prepared to sacrifice for their team. MORE

Balancing the back four

by Andy Thorn in Defending

This session is about the back four working as a unit. It looks for them to clear the ball past a target when dealing with a range of deliveries from different areas of the pitch. It’s important to practise this because in the last 10-15 minutes of close games, opposition teams looking for a goal... MORE

Great goalkeeping

by Andy Quy in Goalkeeping

This is a session for goalkeepers that teaches and rehearses dealing with crosses, both opposed and unopposed, and in the context of a small-sided game. The ability to manage balls crossed in from the wings is one of the most important parts of a goalkeeper’s game. It relies specifically on positioning, technique and good decision-making.... MORE

Defending the box

by Sam Allardyce in Defending

The session looks at the core ideal of defending the box, and with it, the goal. It uses 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 systems working in a unit, highlights crosses into the box and works on phase of play against attacking formations. It’s important to practise this in the first place to achieve what I deem... MORE

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