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Passing Precision

by Mark Robins in Skills and Techniques

This session combines short and long passing. It’s great for helping players use the ball in small and compacted areas, teaching them when to hold possession, and when to switch play. This is a scenario that occurs regularly in matches. We’ll draw a team into an area by retaining possession and making use of short,... MORE

Attacking Aims

by Roberto Di Matteo in Attacking

This session improves and develops attacking balance when going forward. Often we have to switch play or break out at pace, and it’s important that we retain structure and don’t become one-dimensional. To help achieve this we adopt our club philosophy of utilising the full width of the pitch when attacking. We will practise this in training in the same way that we construct it in a match situation, ensuring that players understand how and when to move the ball from one side of the pitch to the other. MORE

Playing short and long

by Luke Williams in Skills and Techniques

This session examines when to play short and long. It’s a set-up that, despite its simplicity, addresses a key question that a player needs to ask himself every time he gets the ball, so is actually a mental principle that it’s vital to practise. And whilst it’s not an original question, the way we search... MORE

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