Beating the block

Teams will often set up with a gameplan around a low, mid or high defensive block. At different moments the block may move (for instance, a high block drops deep to in the closing moments to play out a result), but the requirement for the attacking team to work a way through the block remains.

These sessions are focused on assessing the block and getting players to make the right decisions and put together passages of play to beat the block.

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Scoring against a deep block

by Richard Allen in Attacking

The purpose of this session is to encourage players to be calm on the ball during the probe and to create goal-scoring opportunities. We would run this session when we anticipate facing teams that will sit off and defend deep to counter-attack. It’s good preparation for playing against teams that are hard to break down.... MORE

Playing through the press

by Adam Lawrence in Attacking

Overview This session is all about developing the ability to play through the press and creating opportunities to make passes that break lines. It helps players learn how to progress possession through controlled and purposeful passing. Developing much needed qualities of decision making and problem solving, it encourages players and teams to play through, around... MORE

Penetrating or protecting the defensive line

by Ian Holloway in Attacking, Defending

We’re looking for attackers to fashion goalscoring opportunities both when in and out of possession, while defenders must concentrate on defensive compactness, discipline and communication. This resilience is a feature of every successful team, and being able to penetrate this line effectively on a consistent basis is central to winning football matches. MORE

Beating the block with creative play

by Neil Howarth in Attacking

I have used this session in the past when coaching teams that are struggling to score goals or create chances in matches – particularly when finding it difficult to break down a well-organised defence. Quite often it has been used prior to a home match when we are expected to have a lot of possession... MORE

Beating the block

by Steven Gerrard in Attacking

This session is designed to improve player and team awareness within the game. The specific awareness we are looking to improve is how to read an opponent’s defensive block and identify the space to attack. MORE

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