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Like my fellow LMA members I’ve thoroughly enjoyed contributing to Elite Soccer over the years.

It’s the only place where experienced coaches from within the English game share their best sessions directly with amateur and grassroots coaches throughout the world. No matter how experienced you are, you can always learn something new. I know you’ll enjoy reading Elite Soccer and I highly recommend it.

– Sir Alex Ferguson

Elite Soccer is a fantastic magazine that helps coaches get the most out of their players. I encourage all my coaches to read it.

– Arsène Wenger

Elite Soccer is tremendous for my growth as a college coach. I really enjoy looking over each session and digging deeper into how we can improve our players, individually and as a team. The explanations and descriptions of what the sessions are supposed to accomplish are extremely helpful and easy to implement. Each month I look forward to studying and learning more about the beautiful game from Elite Soccer.”

– Derek Pittman, Associate Head Coach, Gonzaga Women’s Soccer

“I love Elite Soccer and what your team is doing with it. I feel everybody is always wondering what the big boys are doing in training. Keep it up.”

– Robert “Butch” Lauffer, West Texas A&M University, USA

Elite Soccer is the perfect pathway to success for any coach in the game. The sessions are designed creatively for professional coaches, recreational coaches and players alike. The knowledgeable articles help deliver insight into many different areas of our game. This is without doubt the first email I look for each month in my email inbox. Great work., keep it up.”

– Ricky Clarke, NSCAA Master Coach, USA

“The quality of your contributors ensures that I am being exposed to some of the best training session in the world as well as cutting edge thoughts in the game. Sessions, such as the one presented by Owen Coyle – Preparing the Back Four – are so useful and well presented. Great ideas just show up in my email. The best subscription I have ever purchased. Thanks again.”

– Mike Freitag, Executive Director of Coaching, Colorado Youth Soccer, USA

“It does not matter how long, or at what level, you coach, these sessions are a great reminder of how to approach the game with some great insight from the best in the world. Good value for money and a great way to set up a library to go back to whenever you need that great session.”

– Mike Washington, Head Coach Men’s Soccer, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington. USA

“When I first saw an advertisement for Elite Soccer, I was skeptical; it seemed too good to be true. For one, there are a lot of coaching and training publications online and in print, but only a few of them are first rate.  I wondered if Elite Soccer could offer me something different. Secondly, I wondered if subscribers would get the best from English managers – would they really share helpful things? I’ve been pleased and surprised to find that, yes, the managers are really helpful and there’s much in Elite Soccer that can’t be found elsewhere.  It’s brilliant! 

When I first subscribed, I’d been lucky enough to attend training sessions with Bolton Wanderers the previous summer. One of the training sessions was exactly as Owen Coyle submitted about working with the back four. From then, I knew that Elite Soccer  was legit. 

I think all good coaches and trainers push themselves to be the best and learn from the best. Elite Soccer provides insights into the sessions of great managers. It’s informative, well-crafted, and provides information that isn’t available anywhere else. It’s excellent for managers, coaches, trainers, players and students of the game, and for anyone interested in what goes on behind the scenes at top clubs. I’ve used many of the sessions to improve my own teams. I highly recommend it.”

– M. Todd Robinson, Boys Head Soccer Coach, James Island Charter High School, USA

“There are a lot of football magazines about but none that present coaching plans from leading professionals in the same way and with the same quality that Elite Soccer does” 

– David Moyes, Manager, Manchester United

“I look forward to reading Elite Soccer and finding out what other coaches are up to. We spend a huge amount of time working on our sessions. For coaches with fewer resources and smaller support teams, Elite Soccer can help tremendously.” 

– Alan Pardew, Manager, Newcastle United

Elite Soccer is a great addition to our club’s tool set to help improve coaching. It goes beyond the mainstream references on soccer coaching that are available and provides a unique dimension for the more experienced coach that is badly absent in the market place.

We really enjoyed the first issue and look forward to the next issues.”

– Bill Michalopulos, Ottawa South United, Canada

Elite Soccer is without a doubt the most informative publication available to coaches. As a club director of coaching, I have found that Elite Soccer provides myself and my staff with new, innovative and refreshing ideas. These ideas inspire myself and my staff to create better, more useful training sessions for the membership of our club. The sessions that Elite Soccer includes are from well respected, established coaches who have a propensity for designing an ideal learning environment. We are grateful to Elite Soccer for their publication and will continue to utilize its contents for our club and our players’ benefits.”

– Brian Bronowski, Director of Coaching, Dynamo FC, Indianapolis, USA

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