Goalkeeper distribution

Returning the ball into play when the goalkeeper has possession

It’s not enough for modern goalkeepers to simply be good shotstoppers or command their area to claim crosses. Nowadays keepers must be masters of distribution and use that skill to retain possession or quickly launch attacks.

These sessions introduce ways to improve your keeper’s kicking – on the ground and from their hands – and throwing. The drills and activities cover receiving the ball, passing short and long, and general decision making.

Of course, accuracy is vital, but the goalkeeper’s ability to scan the field and spot an opportunity to release the ball quickly is one of the top-level skills worked on with these sessions.

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Direct distribution

by Seamus McDonagh in Goalkeeping

Distribution from goalkeepers - using both feet - is now a vital part of the game. This session helps distribution to real targets become second nature, and prevents keepers kicking aimlessly. MORE

Keeper’s kicking drill

by Adrian Tucker in Goalkeeping

The platform for success often starts with a comfortable and confident goalkeeper, which is why this practice is designed to enhance the composure of goalkeepers when they have the ball at their feet. It uses situations that vary in space, time and pressure to test ability and decision-making skills. MORE

Keepers: crossing and distribution

by Billy Mercer in Goalkeeping

This is a keeper session that looks at dealing with crossing then distributing into counter-attacking areas beginning with a good warm-up before moving into basic handling drills, then progress to dealing with crosses and distribution, starting off unopposed then putting in defenders and attackers. MORE

Clever keeper distribution

by Gus Poyet in Goalkeeping

This session is about keeper distribution and retaining possession by building play from the back. It mimics short passes to centre-backs and midfield players, low driven and chipped passes to full-backs and wide midfielders, and longer passes to centre-forwards and wide attackers (through half-volleys and volleys). At Sunderland, the keeper is deemed to have a... MORE

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