Breaking lines

Getting players comfortable when both in and out of possession has been central to my coaching philosophy. I have seen players making huge strides in what they do when mastering the art of protecting or pursuing the ball, and good possession habits ultimately translate on the pitch into other skills. MORE

Turning to play forward

This exclusive session from Sean Dyche aims to encourage turning to open the opportunity to play forward rather than sending the ball sideways or backwards. Within this, it allows players to put the ball ‘at risk’. MORE

Counter-attacking: ball work

The moment an opponent loses the ball is the time to exploit the opportunity of players being out of position, so this session looks at transitions and counter-attacking with a specific focus on running with the ball. MORE

Quick counter-attacking

Use this session is to achieve a fast transition from defence to attack. It covers all aspects of high tempo training – defenders not only have to defend overloads, but the session is also about winning possession and fast forward passing. MORE

Compact team movement

This session is about movement of the team in attack and defence to ensure we remain compact with good distances between players. It also helps us develop good spatial awareness of the player in and out of possession, as well as creating good options for the man on the ball. MORE

Defending crosses

This is a session to improve both individual and team defending when an attack comes from wide and balls are crossed into the box. MORE

Switching play

The session is about passing the ball quickly and effectively across the width of the pitch to utilise space and to penetrate the opposition. Ultimately, players love passing the ball, so following that logic through, quick and effective link-up play is the best way to create opportunities, find weaknesses in your opponents and score goals. MORE

Defending in midfield

This session offers a deep tactical insight into how defensive solidity can be attained through the use of a knowledgeable, tight and hard-working midfield unit. MORE

Accomplished possession and overloads

The session focuses on creating overloads in central areas. It explores the variety of options available for us to ‘own’ this key area, and puts the emphasis on player awareness in possession to make maximum use of what’s in front of them. MORE

Keepers: crossing and distribution

This is a keeper session that looks at dealing with crossing then distributing into counter-attacking areas beginning with a good warm-up before moving into basic handling drills, then progress to dealing with crosses and distribution, starting off unopposed then putting in defenders and attackers. MORE


Use this dynamic counter-attacking session to encourage your players to attack with speed and a sense of urgency. It is also a good test for defensive players, giving them plenty of experience in combatting a counter attack. MORE

Defending as a team

The aim of this session is to prevent the opposition from playing through your team's midfield and then to regain the ball by controlling where opponents play. MORE

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