Creating and finishing

This training session is all about creating and finishing from a variety of distances and positions in and around the box. The majority of chances created will be from crosses but scoring opportunities also arise from both through balls and combination play.

This session is good preparation for leading into tactical work, or to reinforce some coaching points before a game.

What we want to try to do is to build solid connections and relationships between certain positions and the players that play in those positions.


Key attacking and defending concepts in game scenarios

This session was run during the international break and it had as its main target the refreshing of some of our key concepts for dealing with different situations in the game. In this instance, the session was a little bit of a mix between defending and attacking, where we focused on defending deep and on a high press in the final third.


Pressing initiation

This session coaches players on understanding defensive pressing. It’s important to practise the key elements to identify how, when and where we can apply pressing technique, and that includes adopting the right shape tactically and togetherness of the group, as well as being able to identify the right moment to closedown.


Passing through the lines

This is a training session that incorporates quick combination passing, positional awareness and intelligent decision-making. It’s important to practise this because receiving and passing are core skills, and they are fundamental to the success of every football team.

Preparation is essential, as is practising what we play and how we play. Players must have seen the situation before it occurs – in this instance, that means always looking up before passing and receiving.


Counter-pressing as an offensive weapon

This session is about the creation and application of the counter-pressing moment as an offensive weapon. It looks at recovering possession in the shortest way and time, by creating ‘hectic situations’ in the opposition formation. We want to attack the opponent non-stop when we have the ball, when we lose it and when the opposition have it…

“I would recommend it to any coach”

5-star Roy Hodgson