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From the desk of Howard Wilkinson
– Chairman of the League Managers Association, Former FA Technical Director and manager of England, Leeds Utd and Sheffield Wednesday

Dear Coach,

They are the most experienced and highly paid professionals in the game – experts at strategy, tactics and leadership.Elite Soccer issue 91

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Elite Soccer is a great, fast source for ideas I can pass on – no fluff, right to the point and valuable information I can take to the training ground,” Bob Akers, Director of Coaching, Brookside FC.
Arsene Wenger praises Elite Soccer

“Elite Soccer is a fantastic magazine… I encourage all my coaches to read it”
– Arsene Wenger

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Defensive structures, counter attacks, corners, wing-play, pressing and blocking – you’ll get rare information on how the top teams in the Premier League, Sky Bet Championship, Sky Bet League One, and Sky Bet League Two are coached.

High quality illustrations show you set-up, how to run the activity, what to look for, and what to say to the players. Sometimes the manager refers to a specific game where the training activity was put into practice giving you a picture of the end-product.

An example soccer coaching session plan from the magazine Elite Soccer

All of the managers appearing in Elite Soccer have taken the time to write their session plan specifically for the magazine in order to give you the most rewarding experience as you recreate their sessions with your players. 


Coach like a professional with Elite Soccer magazine.

Yours in soccer,


Howard Wilkinson
Chairman, League Managers Association


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