The art of pinning

Coach your players to use their bodies to peg back, pin and manipulate a defender in order to gain more time and space, for both themselves and the team. MORE


This game is focused mainly on the attacking process so it encourages use of all of the main strengths of the attackers, including their pace and skill. It’s really all about scoring a goal as quickly as possible, and with a time-limited opportunity to score. MORE

Finding the spare man

This session focuses on finding the spare man in central areas. It allows for controlled, patient possession, with the belief that if a team dominates the space in the middle of the pitch just outside the penalty area it can dominate the game! MORE

Link play between forwards

Some modern-day formations can make it difficult to gain a true understanding of attacking principles. For that reason, working on movements and link play in the attacking third, as we do in this session, is key. MORE

Long-range shooting

Goalscoring, more than anything else, builds confidence in players. And with a game-realistic session such as this, players are building good habits into their match day practice. MORE

Creating overloads in defence

Get your defenders creating 2v1s at the back to restrict the attacking threat. You want to see them efficiently and effectively closing down opponents in winning the ball, negating space between the lines. MORE


Pressing is important in all areas of the pitch. In this session we look at pressing technique, the relationships between players, and the value of winning the ball in different areas, with an emphasis on turning over possession and creating onward goalscoring chances. MORE

Solid defending

Use this session to create a positive mindset to defending – it makes teams hard to beat and teaches players not to concede cheap goals. MORE

Playing through midfield

Playing through midfield with confidence and precision is vital for any team - use this session to coach players how to receive, pass and work space, linking defence with attack. MORE

Possession and retention

The ability to hold the ball in midfield areas is crucial to any side as gaining control of the midfield often equates to gaining control of the game, so this is a session that should be practised often. MORE

Goalkeeping 1v1

A goalkeeper must be quick to deal with a 1v1 situation. Not just quick footed, but quick thinking too. This training session creates just the kind of 1v1 situations needed to rehearse the skills and decision-making needed to deal with an oncoming opponent. MORE

Crossing for keepers

Coach your goalkeepers in the basics of anticipating crosses and dominating their area. Having a trustworthy, proficient keeper positively influences the mindsets and playing abilities of all players in front of him, so this is a vital position in any team. MORE

Keeper reactions and decisions

The tight playing area in this session, combined with the challenge of shots being fired in at varying heights and speeds is designed to replicate instances of loose balls in the penalty area. MORE

Support play and swapping roles

Encourage players to problem solve and find space with this session, which is formed of four different game scenarios. The practice offers lessons in how players can really work positional flexibility to their advantage. MORE

Finding the free player

Do you find that your team has most of the ball yet finds it difficult to break through in the final third? Use this session to get your players retaining possession and finding players in key positions. MORE

Exploiting overloads

Explore overloads using smart combination play in the final third and get your players creating more goalscoring opportunities. MORE

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