Team finishing

To put it simply, this is a finishing session, but as it unfolds and progresses it becomes so much more than that. It allows us to devote time to all of the players – practising and repeating specific actions that will be asked of them in a match situation. We can adjust how we use this session, as not only can it be used to work on specific movements, combinations and relationships within the team, but it can also be used on a more relaxed training day in order to give some more simple training time. MORE

Creating scoring chances from wide

This session is designed to create plenty of goal scoring opportunities from wide areas when attacking in a 4-4-2 formation. Through repetition, it allows the forwards to work on attacking the penalty area in numbers and with well-timed runs. MORE

Functional attacking plan

This session is about functional attacking play within a system, involving all players in the squad. It’s a practice that, at its heart, looks at the key exchanges in 2v1 and other overload situations – the roles of attackers, defenders, wide players, full-backs and wingers. MORE

Play around the box

This session looks at attacking play around the box, movement within the box and delivery into it. It’s not unique but it is important for attacking play around the box, both in terms of movement and combination play. The quality of delivery is also important; no rockets into the box! MORE

Defending crosses

This session is all about defending against crosses in and around the penalty area. It allows us to work with the players on their defensive positioning, as well as encouraging them to squeeze the pitch and to play out on the transition of possession. As the modern game is becoming more about creativity around the penalty area, defensively we need to counter this with good positional sense, effective communication and players prepared to sacrifice for their team. MORE

Preventing crosses

This session is about full-backs and wingers stopping crosses into the penalty area. Most attacks come from out wide, so the ability for defenders to be able to block crosses is essential, particularly in matches when our opponents have strikers who are good headers of the ball. This applies to most teams in our division. At the end of each phase, we reset play, and rotate positions regularly. MORE

Defending in the final third

This session examines defending in the final third, specifically through the organisation and movement of the back four. While we focus on the defence, it’s important that all players on the pitch know their jobs and are prepared for all eventualities. This is an important session for us and comes with a number of variations... MORE

Linking through your centre-midfielder

The role of the centre-midfielder is a vital one in modern soccer and his effectiveness and resourcefulness is best practised with regular repetition of technique and job role. This is a session I first outlined when with Besiktas back in 2011, but so solid and reliable is the role of the midfielder that it is... MORE

Creating space in midfield

This session is about creating space in midfield in order to receive or support others in breaks. This scenario often occurs as a first build-up stage in a game when full-backs or centre-backs have possession and want to use it smartly. MORE

Shot stopping for keepers

This is a functional shot stopping session that starts using just the goalkeepers and the goalkeeping coach and it then progresses into a broader session and a small-sided game with the outfield players. The integration of the outfield players makes the session more match realistic and it will enhance the goalkeeper’s decision making in game... MORE

Great goalkeeping

This is a session for goalkeepers that teaches and rehearses dealing with crosses, both opposed and unopposed, and in the context of a small-sided game. The ability to manage balls crossed in from the wings is one of the most important parts of a goalkeeper’s game. It relies specifically on positioning, technique and good decision-making.... MORE

Direct distribution

Distribution from goalkeepers - using both feet - is now a vital part of the game. This session helps distribution to real targets become second nature, and prevents keepers kicking aimlessly. MORE

Shaping a 3-5-2 formation

This training session is about maximising the full potential of the 3-5-2 system, which was very much in vogue in the 1990s. The formation has been utilised by successful German club sides, such as 1997 Champions League winners, Borussia Dortmund, and it was employed by the Germany team that won Euro 96 under Berti Vogts. More recently it was used by Gareth Southgate’s England team at the 2018 World Cup. MORE

Possession & transition

This session involves many important topics from our football philosophy, such as possession and transition after winning or losing the ball in narrow spaces. The players are encouraged to perform the activities at their highest levels of intensity, which is important because it gives them the ideal load. MORE

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