Switching play to score

Coach your players how and when to switch play to create goal-scoring opportunities – the different activities in this session have a lot of technical, tactical, physical, social and physiological elements within them. These keep the players focused, while also maintaining the sense of competition. MORE

Negating and opening through live passes

This session is about trying to penetrate a four-man unit as an attacking drill. It also looks at stopping that ‘probe’ by forming a tight compact shield that is able to intercept balls and exchange strategy when in possession. MORE

1v1 attacking and defending

The philosophy behind this session is that the game can be broken down into lots of 1v1 situations all over the pitch, so it’s important that players know how to deal with these events  when they arise, which they do frequently. MORE

Defending positions

Use this defensive practice to teach players how to hold the line, whilst defending threats that emerge through the middle as well as from wide areas. MORE

Preparing the back four

Use this purely defensive session to structure the back four against opposing attacks with different formations. It is an excellent session when preparing for matchday. MORE

Defending crosses

Use this session to develop the decision making and positional awareness of defenders when faced with a variety of dangerous balls crossed into the penalty area. MORE

Creating space in midfield

This session is about creating space in midfield in order to receive or support others in breaks. This scenario often occurs as a first build-up stage in a game when full-backs or centre-backs have possession and want to use it smartly. MORE

Midfield magic

Get your midfielders to link up play and support forwards with this progressive attacking session that's based around core principles of retaining possession and getting the midfield to move freely. MORE

Playing through midfield

Playing through midfield with confidence and precision is vital for any team - use this session to coach players how to receive, pass and work space, linking defence with attack. MORE

Direct distribution

Distribution from goalkeepers - using both feet - is now a vital part of the game. This session helps distribution to real targets become second nature, and prevents keepers kicking aimlessly. MORE

Keeper match day warm-up

Make sure your keeper is properly warmed up for a match, both mentally and tactically – after all, his or her first task might be to receive a bouncing back pass! MORE

Keeper’s kicking drill

The platform for success often starts with a comfortable and confident goalkeeper, which is why this practice is designed to enhance the composure of goalkeepers when they have the ball at their feet. It uses situations that vary in space, time and pressure to test ability and decision-making skills. MORE

Playing through the thirds

Help your players master basic elements such as movement and rotation in receiving the ball. It’s really important to practise these elements because they represent core skills, and influence almost every match day scenario. MORE

Improve possession to penetrate

Through a series of activities, this session stresses the importance of combination play, both in the central midfield and out on the wings, and it encourages players to change the point of attack with clever switches of play. MORE

Running in behind

Use this exercise to practise simple movements that are related to improving a player’s awareness of space, developing game intelligence, and encouraging players to understand when, and how, to make runs in behind the defence. MORE

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