Exploiting overloads

Explore overloads using smart combination play in the final third and get your players creating more goalscoring opportunities. MORE

Attacking duels

Create 1v1 and 2v2 attacking duels in the final third to help players understand how to use their body strength when receiving the ball with their back to goal. MORE

Forward play in 3-4-3

Creating and linking forward play in the attacking third of the pitch is often the decisive factor in winning games. Creating the link up play is essential, as are receiving skills and movement, and all three can be rehearsed using this session. MORE


Use this attack versus defence session to create a variety of situations for players to work on quick attacks and combination play with an end product. MORE


Moving the opposition back four with switches of play and timing of overlaps is a vital part of any offensive side’s armoury, which is why this session looks at creating crossing opportunities high up the pitch by manufacturing 2v1 overlaps and overloads. MORE

Developing defenders’ confidence

This is a defensive session that takes the form of three different practices. Each one progresses from the last in terms of how defenders are being asked to cope with ever-changing threats, both in terms of additional attacking players and a wider physical area of responsibility. MORE

Defending 1v1

If players can take the ball off their opponent anywhere on the pitch, the team is better equipped to deal with an attacking overload, so get your players mastering the art of 1v1 defending. MORE

Defensive understanding through heading

Use this session to improve understanding between your defenders and goalkeeper. It teaches them how to cope with long aerial deliveries, be they from the opposition keeper or outfield players and highlights the importance of cover when defending. MORE

Playing through midfield

Playing through midfield with confidence and precision is vital for any team - use this session to coach players how to receive, pass and work space, linking defence with attack. MORE

Possession and retention

The ability to hold the ball in midfield areas is crucial to any side as gaining control of the midfield often equates to gaining control of the game, so this is a session that should be practised often. MORE

Crossing for keepers

Coach your goalkeepers in the basics of anticipating crosses and dominating their area. Having a trustworthy, proficient keeper positively influences the mindsets and playing abilities of all players in front of him, so this is a vital position in any team. MORE

Keeper reactions and decisions

The tight playing area in this session, combined with the challenge of shots being fired in at varying heights and speeds is designed to replicate instances of loose balls in the penalty area. MORE

Transition game

Help your players feel comfortable when keeping the ball in tight areas with this session which is based on defending in overloads yet incorporates both defensive and offensive elements. MORE

Breaking lines

Help your players understand the importance of using the correct weight and angle of pass. The timing of off the ball runs is an important feature of this session and it should also develop an awareness of how to receive a pass.  MORE

Decisions, pressure, possession

Use this full squad session to work on passing out from the back and making the right decisions to pass and keep possession. Its focus includes first touch, through balls, switching play and possession skills, with a final shot or killer pass at the end. MORE

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