Receiving on the half turn

The body shape adopted by a player that gives them the best options to secure the ball or move it away from pressure.

The half-turn position allows players to receive with either foot, pass first time or let the ball roll across the body.

The skill has always been vital for advanced players but with the game increasingly played out from the back the evolution of a defender’s role has seen them need to comfortably receive the ball from the goalkeeper on the half-turn.

The sessions below deal directly with receiving on the half turn. Here are all of our sessions on receiving the ball where the focus may not be entirely on the half turn but that require players to move the ball quickly and retain possession, assuming the correct receiving technique.

A fantastic starting point is the session by Arsene Wenger that specifically addresses how to receive the ball.

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Passing through the lines

by Arsène Wenger in Skills and Techniques

This is a training session that incorporates quick combination passing, positional awareness and intelligent decision-making. It’s important to practise this because receiving and passing are core skills, and they are fundamental to the success of every football team. MORE

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