Final third creativity

The ability to create goalscoring opportunities, particularly against teams that are defending deep with lots of players behind the ball

Whilst not a tactic, as such, being creative in the final third is an important aspect of any team’s performance. Never more so than when faced with an opponent that is prepared to defend with their lives.

Encouraging creativity is all about giving players the freedom and confidence to explore ways to unlock a solid back line. Creativity comes in many guises from flashes of individual brilliance in a 1v1, quick interplay or the ability to move the ball, switch possession and stretch an entire defence out.

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Running in behind

by Alex McLeish in Formations and Tactics

Use this exercise to practise simple movements that are related to improving a player’s awareness of space, developing game intelligence, and encouraging players to understand when, and how, to make runs in behind the defence. MORE

Passing forwards with overloads

by Jamie Day in Attacking

As well as helping your players to be positive when in possession of the ball and encouraging them to attack the opposition with confidence, this session will also demonstrate the benefits of creating overloads using good movement and intelligent decision-making. MORE

Playing into and around the penalty area

by Sean Dyche in Attacking

One of the most difficult parts of the game is to break down and penetrate the penalty area. This session is all about encouraging movement in and around the penalty area in order to get past a tight defensive unit and create scoring opportunities. MORE

Crossing and finishing

by Dean Smith in Attacking

No matter how good you are as an attacking player, you’ll always need great service, and that’s what this session coaches, notably in practising crossing situations from in and around the box. MORE

Shooting from outside the box

by Mark Stimson in Attacking

A shooting session that really gets played in the mood to attack. It’s sometimes assumed that ‘distance’ attacking practices such as this one are just about getting laces behind the ball, but good technique is crucial, particularly with players getting their head over the ball. MORE

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